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Move and there will be light!

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

You have a glass-fronted cabinet or a cupboard in a dark corner of the room. It has build-in illumination – a click of the switch and you can see everything in the cabinet and in that corner of the room. HOWEVER you hardly ever hit that switch – pretty useless – everything remains dark. Why did you pay for the extra lighting?

My tip – connect the lighting to a motion detector switch. Yes, the type of detector that turns on the outside lights for five minutes when you come home late at night. Yes, you can use them indoors. Simple really – every time you go near the cabinet it lights up.

Second tip – use LED lighting inside cabinets. They not only use less electricity, but last much longer. Filament bulbs and fluorescent tubes don't like frequent on-and-off switching, nor do they like being cooked by their own heat (in a cabinet).