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Read no home and offcuts and Mrs Happy and treacle nights and 3rd try and Betty and Nottingham and Fluffy Tail and street and jet and power and rock fest and Toby

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Welcome to the Story Kettle! Stories to make you laugh, stories to make you cry, more than 700 short stories, crazy stories, DIY stories, love stories, German stories, humorous stories, absurd stories, odd stories, unordinary stories, sister stories, offcuts and bits of my life all by Michael M Wayman.

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Geschichten für ErwachseneErzählungen und wie Mutti und zeig mir und Buttermann und Hattie und Belgien and Heidelberg and 'Eck und Stückchen   Deutch

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Nottingham's Xmas Tale and not me and Nottingham and amaized and one-eyed gang and jet brooch and power and the rock fest and dancer

The TWENTY-part Carnival Sequence begins with eleven

new offcuts

Nottingham did not have a stall, he was free to go where he wished. Most evenings he wandered along the side of the canal to The Flask, he didn't go inside, it was too narrow, plenty of room in the beer garden. On the wall above the tap was...   Continue reading...

She had joined the Eleven when she was eleven. Very important, each wore a very elaborate hat embroidered with the four crosses, and don't forget the little bells. She had been invited into the carnival club when she was four – she danced so...   Continue reading...

We are a small group of people who are very strong and very violent...
Very violent? That's a pretty strong word. Can anybody join, Mike?
No, no one joins the group. It is not a club, not a team, no subscriptions. You are informed that you are in the group, that's it, you can't leave...   Continue reading...


Hattie ist Katies Schwester. Ich mag Hattie.
Hattie sagt, ich bin süß. Ich mag Katie.
Hattie sagt, dass sie komische Ideen hat. Ich denke Hattie ist...   Weiter lesen...   Deutch

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