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Geschichten für Erwachsene Tunnel und woanders und Gustav   Deutch

I used to insult my two kid brothers with the word Siblings!
or You sibling, you! or worse You utter sibling, you!
Only later did they discover what this littled-used word means.


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NEW ARE cheers AND four ruffles and flourishes AND Brown Jug AND all night long

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granny and the thunk AND granny and the three zombies

I picked up the jug of fresh coffee and saw some woman walk across the hall to my living room. I could hear Blackie's voice, she was talking loudly about rape and violence. The woman opened the living room door. I followed and recognised her.
“Good morning, Mrs Blake! Welcome to...”   Continue reading...   More excerpts...

There was a big bang and a loud thunk and no granny in the bed. I got up to find granny, the light switches did not work. I pushed the circuit breaker, another big bang and no light. I walked through the living room to the kitchen and fell over...   Continue reading...   More excerpts...


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Geschichten für Erwachsene Deutch

Es gäbe eine Kantine bei der Firma, aber Ines würde sie nie finden. So war die Firma – die Firma hieß immer „die Firma“ und was die Firma tut, hat Ines langst vergessen – irgendwas technisches. Komisch war es auch, dass die Hauptkonkurrenz im Gebäude nebenan war, oder mindestens so war es hier in Hessen, und sie hieß (Ihr habt schon geraten) „die Firma nebenan“.
Ines wollte etwas Warmes zum Mittagessen und das macht das 'Eck...   Weiter lesen...

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