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Geschichten für Erwachsene nicht sehen und Tunnel und woanders   Deutch

I see a point of light in the dark sky.
It is not a star.
It is not an aeroplane.
It is not a satellite.
Where is the love of my life?


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Mrs Tinge With a name like Fiona Ismeralda Tinge what else could she do; she knew the perfect fit for underwear, she could feel it, she always did. She knew two truths about herself, that she was an expert in underwear and that she was...

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uplifting AND four ruffles and flourishes AND speak out AND outing

Who am I?   is a good question to ask if you don't know, especially when every day is different, when every day you are in a different place, when every day there are different people, a new time, a new language and you have a new body. You have to ask yourself...   Continue reading...   More excerpts...

They bumped over some railway tracks and entered a strange part of town – big buildings behind high walls. Overhead were high tension cables, electricity crackled through the air. The navigation screen turned blue. An odd voice said: “Location: South China Sea. Emergency. Go for the life boats!”   Continue reading...   More excerpts...


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Geschichten für Erwachsene Deutch

Doch, Heidelberg ist schön! Das romantische Schloss, der Neckar-Fluss, die alten Gebäude, der Thingplatz, die Seilbahn, „The Student Prince“, die Feuerwerke über dem Fluss und Schloss, am besten vom Philosophenweg aus auf dem anderen Flussufer zu sehen; und die amerikanischen Touristen, die fragen „Where is the shlob?“   Weiter lesen...

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